Workshops & Speakers

Sign Ups have ended – We will release information about this years workshops & speakers within the week!


We do not request pictures of our vendors and speakers and do not want to engage in any body policing. (please read statement of intent) However we encourage people who are going to occupy positions representing the bookfair, namely tablers, vendors, and presenters, to thoughtfully consider their dress and presence while participating. please consider leaving things that may be considered appropriative or exclusionary to already marginalized folks at home. If you choose to present or table while engaging in potentially appropriative dress or style, you will be accountable to any resulting conflict. We as organizers encourage folks to resolve any potential conflict on their own. We do not want to occupy positions of authority regarding resolution or conversation, nor do we want to perpetuate a system of punishment. We are not going to mediate conflict resolution, but we also will not silence or discourage people from dealing with their own conflict. That being said, many organizers of the bookfair occupy relatively marginalized positions, and understand discomforts or harm around appropriation as being the fault of appropriation itself and not the harmed person. If asked in good faith to get someone’s back, we fully have the intention to do so.