Vendors & Publishers

Tabling will occur Saturday August 24 & Sunday August 25 from 11am-5pm Location: Mothlight

Ad Astra Comix //Ottawa, Canada-based anarchist publishing collective, specializing in comics with social justice themes.

Asheville Prison Books // Asheville Prison Books is a volunteer-run collective which has distributed free literature to people incarcerated in the southeast since 1999.

Bee Daddy & Sons // clothing, and other hand made goods

Birds Before the Storm // zines and books and music that I make

Blue Ridge ABC // BR@BC is a collective of anarchists who believe that jails and prisons, rather than offering a solution to the harms people commit against themselves and their communities, instead make social problems worse. We are a prison abolitionist organization, which is to say we are part of a wider movement working towards an end of incarceration and the creation of alternative, transformative forms of justice in our society.

Burnt Ends Press A small zine press focusing on radical southern history,
critical reflections on whiteness and race treason, the intersections of
anarchist, anti-state communist, and afro-pessimist thought, ongoing
primitive accumulation and the gendered reproduction of labor, &
analyses of contemporary insurrectionary happenings in the southeastern
“United States.” The genesis behind the book Dixie Be Damned; formerly
and affectionately known as the NC Piece Corps.

Carolina Workers Collective // Working class resistance to the state, capitalism, and white supremacy through mutual aid and community defense

Cottonmouth // Cottonmouth is a partisan clothing company that funds revolutionary projects in New Orleans.

CrimethInc. // a secret society pledged to the propagation of crimethink. It is a think tank producing inflammatory ideas and action, a sphinx posing questions fatal to the superstitions of our age.

CuddlePot Mag/Take Action Chapel Hill // Wearables and zines from an autonomous antiracist collective

Doomsday Mountain EF! // we are yet another iteration of earth first organizing here in western north carolina. we advocate for a no compromise standpoint in defense of the earth and all creatures.

Farmshire Animal Sanctuary & No Oppression // Farmshire is an animal rescue and activist organization trying to create change in the oppressive systems that makes animal rescue neccessary. We believe in intersectionality and that injustice and oppression anywhere is a threat to our mission. No Oppression co-tables with us and makes tshirts with social justice messages on them.

Green House Distro //  Green House Distro is a collective based out of the Southeast focusing on topics of anti-authoritarian, anti-civilization, post-left, vegan, individualist and drop-out (lifestyle anarchy). We call ourselves nihilist because of the impending doom of climate catastrophe caused by our current set of living arrangements – civilization. We do not see any hope with this set of living arrangements. Instead of living for the future or a better day we aim to live for NOW. Destroy that which destroys you.

Here and Now Zines // an anarchist zine distro in philadelphia

Indie Rep // queer founded small independent rep service for independent artists and artisans in baltimore

JP Press // An anarchist comics group based in New Orleans, LA

Mountain-area Abortion Doula Collective (MAD Collective) // We are an abortion doula support collective based out of Asheville, offering local support to Asheville residents as well as folks in the wider WNC and Southeast region. We aim to provide doula support for folks navigating abortions before, during and after their procedures; informational support for folks to learn all of their options; and connections with groups like the Carolina Abortion Fund to help folks receive financial support as needed. We are committed to helping people of all genders, races, and resource levels access the reproductive health care they deserve.

NC Resists the Grand Jury // Formerly organized to support resistance to a 2017 grand jury in NC, now continues to serve as a project providing events and resources around prisoner support and anti-repression education.

Noumenon Distro // Anarchist pop-up book and zine distro

The Final Straw // The Final Straw is a weekly anarchist and anti-authoritarian radio show bringing you voices and ideas from struggle around the world. Since 2010, we’ve been broadcasting from occupied Cherokee land in Southern Appalachia (Asheville, NC). We also frequently feature commentary (serious and humorous) by anarchist prisoner, Sean Swain.

The South Bend Commons // The South Bend Commons is a real-life gathering place for urban experiments in community, autonomy, and resilience in Atlanta. The SBC is born out of a decade of living and fighting together.

They/them collective // We are anarcho abolitionist collective center on the lives of BBIPOC LGBTQAI2S +

Tranzmission Prison Project // A queer- and trans-powered prison abolition organization that provides free literature and resources for incarcerated members of the LGBTQ community.

Warzone Distro // Warzone Distro is a (free) zine creating and publishing project focused on anarchy, insurrection and eco-defense.



We do not request pictures of our vendors and speakers and do not want to engage in any body policing. (please read statement of intent) However we encourage people who are going to occupy positions representing the bookfair, namely tablers, vendors, and presenters, to thoughtfully consider their dress and presence while participating. please consider leaving things that may be considered appropriative or exclusionary to already marginalized folks at home. If you choose to present or table while engaging in potentially appropriative dress or style, you will be accountable to any resulting conflict. We as organizers encourage folks to resolve any potential conflict on their own. We do not want to occupy positions of authority regarding resolution or conversation, nor do we want to perpetuate a system of punishment. We are not going to mediate conflict resolution, but we also will not silence or discourage people from dealing with their own conflict. That being said, many organizers of the bookfair occupy relatively marginalized positions, and understand discomforts or harm around appropriation as being the fault of appropriation itself and not the harmed person. If asked in good faith to get someone’s back, we fully have the intention to do so.